When the children 4 – 5 years old, they may  enter kindergarten. Only  few families can send their children to kindergarten because  of its cost and some consider that it is not so important.

When the children are 6 – 12 years old, they enter primary (elementary school). The schools are normally located in the village close to their houses. Still, some schools are 30 minutes  walk from home. Most of the  schools are subsidized by the local government, so the families only spend little money.

When children are 13 – 15 years old, they enter Junior High School. normally this school is located in town, so village children have to travel by bicycle or –  if it is quiet far – they have to hire a public transportation.

Senior High School is entered when they are 16 – 18 years old, same as Junior High School, this is located in the town. In addition, the cost is more expensive than Junior High School. According to research, only 60% of Junior High School’s students can continue their study to Senior High School because of a financial problem.

On a few can continue their study after they finished  Senior High School. Reason: from this moment education is extremely expensive.

Based on information above, we can conclude that most of the families have financial problems to send their children to Junior High School or a higher level.

Why is education not free like it is in other countries we can not answer, all we can do is help provide social schools for them who can not afford the high costs and try to help them in looking forward to a better future.


There are several reasons why children go to school. They are:

  • Law: parents have to send their children to school at least for 9 years.
  • Children like to go to school. They like meeting their friends at school. In other words, they can play and talk with children their own age at school.
  • Some students have a better motivation to study like: they want to have a good job in the future or they want to change the image of their parent.  For example when their parents are farmers, they want a job instead of becoming farmers.

Please imagine, what happens when they have to stop their study because of financial problems? It’s a pity!

A number of children have to work to pay their study when their parents have not enough money to support them.

Private Education Classes

At Bali Study Club (BSC) we also offer private education classes for people looking to change or advance in their careers. Some people want to have the chance to work in the tourism industry working on cruise ships or in an airport where speaking in different languages is  important.