Emergency Rescue

Here at Bali Study Club, with the help of Victor and Jon, we have implemented a new type of class for the older children from the ages of 15 to 19 years old to participate in. In Bali there are many obstacles we come across and many of them have no health and safety policies in play. In a land where there are many mountains, canyons, coconut trees at a great height, there are many problems we can come across so this program is as important as any.

Other tourists come here and set up programs for activities such as canyoning but at a cost of 150 Euro per person it is impossible for the local people to join in these activities. There are also many mountains and if there is an accident then the people are not properly equipped to deal with these emergency situations.

In providing this free course for children we will be helping them work safely and securely. We will also be implementing a first aid class and with this whole package in place it will mean that they will also be able to help any emergencies that occur in the area and respond quickly and safely, a program that Bali Study Club is more than happy to help facilitate.



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