Social Schools in Bali

Not every child here in Bali can afford an education and not every child has the advantage of being able to even get to a school as they are very dew and far between and for the children that live in the outbacks of Bali in the mountains the chances are very slip if non-existent. Our aim is to reach out as far as we can to help these children who often live in poverty. Just like in western countries we believe that all children have a right to education and sometimes the only way we can provide that is by taking our schools to them.

The way we can do this is either by subsidizing the education programs so that the people who can afford schooling pay in order to help us provide education to those who can not. For now we continue to pay out of our own pockets to ensure we reach as many places as possible, with a little help from more people we can expand the program even further. For the moment we have schools around the northern area of Bali in Kalibukbuk, Banyualit, Temukus, Lovina and Kaliasem Asah, with plans to set up in the near future in Panji and another village called Selat as well as reaching out to orphanages in Singaraja. As well as the social schools we also run a private study group at <a title=”Bali Study Club” href=””>Bali Study Club </a> for Bahasa English, Bahasa Bali  and Bahasa Indonesia as well as a Computer Studies class for social for the older students of the group.

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